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What is TechMap?

The #1 Technical Recruiter Certification

TechMap is the technical recruiter training that teaches you everything you need to communicate with technical stakeholders. In only 15 hours with AI and human coaching, you will be more confident to speak to techies.

Stand out from the crowd

Become more tech-savvy to win the trust of tech candidates and hiring managers, so you close more roles. We break down technical topics into easy-to-understand, familiar models.

Add the TechMap certification to your CV

TechMap is the standard tech recruiter certification course to master tech, taken by hundreds of recruiters at companies like Bloomberg, MorningStar, DuckDuckGo, Wealth Simple, HelloFresh etc.

5-star TrustPilot rating

88% of recruiters gave the TechMap course a 5-star rating on TrustPilot. Why? Because it's a technical recruiter training course designed specifically for tech recruiters to learn about tech.

Buy now, use it forever

Buy the course once, start whenever you want and use it as long as you need. Our alumni often return to the course after they've completed it. And you get your tech recruitment certification

Learning you actually want

Experience digital learning like you never have before, in our unique and highly-praised online learning environment. Blend visual, discussion, and hands-on learning in a bite-sized, self-led way. The best IT recruiter courses on the market.

15 hours

15 hours is all it takes for you to differentiate yourself from the recruiters who are winging it. Spread your training over a couple of weeks, a month, or a really intense weekend.

For junior and experienced recruiters

Like engineers, the most successful recruiters keep up with their knowledge of tech. It's as valuable for those just getting started as it is for tech recruiters with years of experience.

What you'll learn

All you need to get your Technical Recruiter Certification

TechMap is a technical recruiter training course made up of 100+ (and growing) bite-sized, highly-visual interactive activities designed to teach you everything you need to know about tech with no unnecessary filler.

Activities include interactive, hands-on discussions with peers, with feedback from coaches, AI-conversational simulations etc.

You can dive deep into specific areas, like CI/CD or Data Engineering, or stay at a high level across all the technical topics but you'll need to complete everything if you want to get your tech recruiter certification!

  1. Fundamentals

  2. Web

How you'll learn

15 hours of high-quality learning, supported by a coach

Once signed up, you'll be able to start learning immediately. Once you complete the course, you'll receive your technical recruiter certification. You have access to course updates forever – and we add new content all the time. And we're here to support you along the way.

  1. Image for Interactive videos

    Interactive videos

    Technical recruiter training that works for you: short, carefully-edited video introductions with embedded discussions and quizzes.

    Each module can be done in less than 30 minutes, so you can do it between two meetings!

  2. Image for AI Coaching

    AI Coaching

    Have you ever seen a technical recruiter training where you receive instant AI coaching support? And where you can actually decide for yourself how hard the feedback will be (from easygoing to extreme)?

    Well now you can on TechMap: the adaptive technical recruiter course that will work for you, personally.

  3. Image for Conversational AI simulations

    Conversational AI simulations

    We've created a safe environment for you to try out chatting with technical candidates and hiring managers.

    With this conversational AI simulation exercises, you'll be able to try everything out without risking it with a real candidate or hiring manager.

    So next time you chat to one, you'll be confident and close the role!

  4. Image for Engaging Discussions

    Engaging Discussions

    Dozens of guided, in-your-own-time discussions with experts and coaches to give you feedback.

    Unlike other technical recruiter courses, here you'll be supported by a real human coach throughout the course.

    It's individualised feedback as every IT recruiter is different.

  5. Image for High-quality articles

    High-quality articles

    Focussed, interactive articles with embedded challenges and discussions. TechMap is a technical recruiter training where you'll engage your brain all the time. And it's fun!

  6. Image for New Features & Content

    New Features & Content

    We develop new features and new content all the time. All past and future customers will get access to those new features and new content.

    The world of technology keeps evolving so we believe any good technical recruiter training should be updated regularly!

  7. Image for Live Sessions

    Live Sessions

    We're also testing providing LIVE sessions on zoom with professional software engineers so you can ask any questions you have. Think of it like an AMA (Ask Me Anything) for all our learners and alumni.

    Now this is what we call a creme-de-la-creme service!

  8. Image for TechMap Certificate

    TechMap Certificate

    There's no test at the end of the course. Rather, we review all your work on TechMap and provide feedback wherever necessary. When you've demonstrated you understood the core topics, you get your TechMap certification!

We have worked with thousands of amazing people

"Thanks for being a recruiter that knows what they're talking about" I literally got this compliment from a software engineer after completing TechMap.

The photo for Scott King
Scott King
Techmap certified logo
Technical Recruiter

Techmap is an exceptional platform for tech recruiter education! It is clear that a lot of thought and expertise has been put into TechMap. The integration of their actual learning roadmap and the examples and content they use to help you with highly technical concepts, paradigms, frameworks and components is awesome.

The photo for Scott Wheeler
Scott Wheeler
Techmap certified logo
Principal Tech Recruiter

Thanks to the TechMap team for guiding me on this journey, from which I gained a lot of technical knowledge to feel more self-confident as a tech recruiter. I really enjoyed delving into different tech topics and being challenged through the map.

The photo for Maria Milagros Portanier
Maria Milagros Portanier
Techmap certified logo
Talent Acquisition Associate

I am currently looking to move into a TA Specialist role for tech (currently in a coordinator role) and this is really helping with building my confidence! Techmap is such an amazing platform!

The photo for Inaara Visram
Inaara Visram
Techmap certified logo
Candidate Experience Specialist

I can engage with technical candidates, hiring managers, and interviewers with more confidence. The TechMap course has really helped me take my sourcing and recruiting to the next level.

The photo for Madeleine Erjavec
Madeleine Erjavec
Techmap certified logo
Sr. Executive & Technical Recruiter, ex Meta

These past few weeks of training with the Generation Global team and TechMap have been nothing short of amazing.

The photo for Tereza Vasconcelos
Tereza Vasconcelos
Techmap certified logo
Business Development

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The photo for Chrissy Lowery
Chrissy Lowery Campus Recruiter
The TechMap training has taken my tech recruiting knowledge to the next level and given me a deeper understanding of the roles I hire for. I'm excited to share that l've completed the TechMap Certification.
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The photo for Irinka Toidze
Irinka Toidze AI Program Manager
I wish I had taken TechMap at the beginning of my career. It was very helpful for understanding engineering concepts, technologies and how engineering works.
The photo for  Aleksandr Vernikov
Aleksandr Vernikov Senior Talent Partner
My knowledge of all the tech topics and jargon are finally making sense. It resulted on my work as a TA partner in making candidate screenings more accurate, building more trustful relationships with hiring managers and better designing and planing hiring strategy
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  • Buy once, use it forever
  • The full 15+ hour course
  • One-to-one coaching
  • LinkedIn/CV Certification
  • Online discussions
  • Coach Feedback
  • Everything in Self-Led
  • 6 hour-long live workshops
  • Delivered over 6–12 weeks
  • Tailored custom content

$750 = ~5% of 1 candidate hired (valued at $5,000-15,000)

$750 = ~0.7% of the average yearly salary of a tech recruiters ($45,000-$94,000)

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Team

Who's behind TechMap

TechMap is the technical recruiter training built and designed by the Whatever Group, a UK EdTech company founded in 2020.

The team behind TechMap have accumulated over 30 years in Tech Education having ran Europe’s first coding bootcamp, Makers.tech. The team is made of ex Head of Education, Chief Commercial Officers and Software Engineers.

We believe in fun, hands-on, social learning with simple, clear explanations using a clear visual language and examples. We’re so excited to be helping a new generation of non-technical professionals like tech and IT recruiters, sales people or program managers feel more powerful everyday in your work.

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